Our wooden Star furniture series provides a neutral base for a child’s bedroom or nursery. By adding other interior details the room can easily be transformed. Our table and chair have slanted legs to ensure stability. Higher than most children’s fur-niture on the market make them last longer as the child grows. Perfect size for the little ones to play, draw, paint or build with their blocks.

Storage is vital in the children’s bedroom or nursery as toys and games can cause chaos. Our Star series are practical as well as good looking. Toys and teddy bears can be easily stowed away for the night and brought out the next day for them to play!

Our concept

Star  | SKU 120250

Bookshelf STAR white

Star  | SKU 120063

Vanity Mirror STAR

Star  | SKU 120539

Bookshelf STAR grey

Star  | SKU 120980

Table LINE white

Star  | SKU 120274

Storage box STAR white

Star  | SKU 700535

Table STAR white

Star  | SKU 120621

Storage box STAR pink

Star  | SKU 120302

Storage box STAR grey

Star  | SKU 120024

Coat hanger STAR wall