Textile in the children's room makes it cozy and inviting; a cuddly blanket, fun pillows on the bed, a lovely carpet for playing on. We have a wide range of textiles in the form of blankets, pillows, carpets and bed sets.

Kid´s Bamboo | SKU 1000319

Bumper crib

Edvin | SKU 1000199

Mini tipi tent pink

Edvin | SKU 1000206

Edvin music box

Edvin | SKU 1000203

Edvin plush rattle moose

Edvin | SKU 1000205

Edvin plush rattle fox

Edvin | SKU 1000204

Edvin plush rattle rabbit

Edvin | SKU 1000207

Edvin hedgehog soft toy

Grey | SKU 1000180

Floor Cushion Dark grey

Woodland rug Edvin 130x170


Edvin | SKU 1000153

Woodland rug Edvin 130x170

Edvin | SKU 1000061

Cotton blanket EDVIN pink

Edvin | SKU 1000058

Stroller toy Edvin

Edvin | SKU 1000087

ABC cushions pink multi

Neo | SKU 1000088

ABC cushions green multi

Barnkammaren | SKU 1000077

Rug grey 130x170

Edvin | SKU 610744

Pram/buggy toy EDVIN