We want to contribute to a fun and safe environment in the children's room. Toys develop children's creativity and skills. With toys, children learn to point, listen and talk. That the products are safe is our responsibility. We work in an industry that is strictly regulated and everyone involved has a mission to put children’s safety and parents’ security first.

SKU 1000346

Puzzle AIDEN

Kid's Bistro | SKU 1000341

Ice cream table stand BISTRO

Kid's Bistro | SKU 1000339

Chef set textile BISTRO

Kid's Bistro | SKU 1000340

Ice lollies BISTRO

Kid's Bistro | SKU 1000338

Waffle iron BISTRO

Kid's Bistro | SKU 1000337

Market stand BISTRO

Edvin | SKU 1000301

Rocking moose Bo

SKU 1000283

4 in a row

 | SKU 1000281

Fridge and frezer