Lighting is important when you decorate the children's room. Invest in a good ceiling lighting to make sure that it is bright enough for your child to be able to read and draw without eye strain. Equally important is spot- and mood lighting to make it extra cozy and safe in the evening at bedtime. We have both pendant lamps and table lamps for your child's room.

Edvin | SKU 1000224

Ceiling lamp grey

SKU 1000316

Textile cable

Star | SKU 1000289

Wall lamp Star pink

Blue | SKU 1000291

Wall lamp circle blue

Grey | SKU 1000226

Ceiling lamp Hexagon grey

Neo | SKU 300768

Pendant lamp NEO

Pink | SKU 300492

Table lamp STAR pink

Grey | SKU 300140

Pendant lamp STAR grey

Pink | SKU 300126

Pendant lamp STAR Pink