Decorative Accessories

Decorative Accessories

The child should think it's fun to be in their room, so it may be wise to decorate the room together with your child. If it is decorated with things, colors and themes that the child likes, or even chose themself, the room will be theirs for real. With us, you will find children's furnishings from floor to ceiling. Be inspired to decorate a room that the child will look forward to growing up in.

Star | SKU 1000334

Hook board 5 white STAR

Star | SKU 1000333

Hook board 3 white STAR

Star | SKU 1000326

Clothes rack white STAR

Aiden | SKU 1000317

Aiden play rug 90x130

Kid´s Bamboo | SKU 1000319

Bumper crib

Kid´s Bamboo | SKU 1000296

Hook figures3-set

Kid´s Bamboo | SKU 1000300

Hook board 5

Kid´s Bamboo | SKU 1000299

Hook board 3

Aiden | SKU 1000309

AIDEN play rug

Kid´s Bamboo | SKU 1000256

Wall shelf

Star | SKU 1000189

Play tent Star new grey

Edvin | SKU 1000199

Mini tipi tent pink

Star | SKU 1000187

Playtent Star new pink