Is there a little chef or baker there at home? Then we have the right products for you. We love to play in the kitchen and have a coffee at Kid's Bistro. That is why we design lots of fun toy food that will make the little master chef brilliant. With our popular range, the kids can bake, cook food on the stove, serve coffee and do the dishes, that's what we adults do every day and kids think it's fun to mimic us. Our coffee makers, toasters, electric whips and other machines inspire imaginations. If the children want to serve colorful pastries, cakes and ice cream for friends and teddybears, there is a lot of fun that can be used for a play café, shop and restaurant. The children create their own tea parties with the doll, the teddybear or friend.

Our concept

Kid's Bistro  | SKU 1000259

Cash register

Kid's Bistro  | SKU 1000341

Ice cream table stand BISTRO

Kid's Bistro  | SKU 1000269

Ice cream with rack

Kid's Bistro  | SKU 1000339

Chef set textile BISTRO

Kid's Bistro  | SKU 1000276

Mixed vegetable box

Kid's Bistro  | SKU 1000337

Market stand BISTRO

Kid's Bistro  | SKU 1000272

Swedish fika cookies

Kid's Bistro  | SKU 1000271

Bake set

Kid's Bistro  | SKU 1000266

Cake pink

Kid's Bistro  | SKU 1000264

Pastries 9pcs

Kid's Bistro  | SKU 1000262

Coffee Machine set

Kid's Bistro  | SKU 1000260

Mixer set