The bamboo’s unique qualities in combination with the beautiful finish made it an interesting new choice for us. Bamboo is not an actual tree, it qualifies as grass. Bamboo quickly regrows and can be harvested again from the same root. The material is hard and fast growing and therefor has advantages compared to tradi-tional tree material.

We worked closely together with our supplier and learned how to make the most out of the bamboo material and to utilize the material in the best way.  Our factory is located close to the bamboo fields, which makes the transports shorter and the quality control, easier to maintain. The result is a small, coordinated range of children´s furniture.

Our concept

Kid´s Bamboo  | SKU 1000319

Bumper crib

Kid´s Bamboo  | SKU 1000300

Hook board 5

Kid´s Bamboo  | SKU 1000256

Wall shelf

Kid´s Bamboo  | SKU 1000296

Hook figures3-set

Kid´s Bamboo  | SKU 1000299

Hook board 3

Kid´s Bamboo  | SKU 1000255