Starting with a grey base in your child’s room will make it easy for you. This is why GREY is another core colour for us. A timeless basic that lasts is also key for us. All our STAR furniture is now available in GREY and with a neutral base all you need to do is add a splash of colour. The GREY ranges from the lightest feather grey to the darkest charcoal grey and includes black. The black accents in your child’s room creates depth and contrast.

Our concept

Grey  | SKU 1000180

Floor Cushion Dark grey

Grey  | SKU 720771

Storage seat grey

Grey  | SKU 1000169

Storage seat dark grey

Grey  | SKU 720048

Storage bench grey

Grey  | SKU 720788

Storage seat beige

Grey  | SKU 1000232

Storage box 2-set grey

Grey  | SKU 1000237

Shoe boxes grey 3-set

Grey  | SKU 1000231

Storage box 2-set blue

Grey  | SKU 1000068

Dollbedset grey

Grey  | SKU 412867

Gas station