Here you meet many of the Swedish forest animals. The moose, the fox, the bear, the squirrel, the rabbit and the little forest mouse. The colors are in soft muted pastels. This collection has both a bold, graphic design, as found on the curtains and lampshades and a softer design with hand-drawn sleeping foxes. EDVIN is a success and appeals to many.

Our concept

Edvin  | SKU 112853

Cotton blanket EDVIN white

Edvin  | SKU 610744

Pram/buggy toy EDVIN

Edvin  | SKU 1000087

ABC cushions pink multi

Edvin  | SKU 112136

Cotton blanket EDVIN green

Edvin  | SKU 1000061

Cotton blanket EDVIN pink


Edvin  | SKU 1000153

Woodland rug Edvin 130x170

Edvin  | SKU 1000206

Edvin music box

Edvin  | SKU 1000205

Edvin plush rattle fox