The Aiden interior and toy collection captures our modern city life. With cars, buses and trucks inspired by Swedish automotive industry. Create your own city with the play rug and wooden city blocks. Developing coordination, along with imagination as automative play can be created in many different forms. Aiden is an exciting city where little ones can play, learn and develop. Aiden cars and buses are great for encouraging movement and their fantasy, as they drive around the Aiden play rug with all the City blocks on it . Take the bus to Boras or take the family car for a service and drive through the car wash. The roads, road signs on toys and patterns create a fun and playful city mood in the kid´s room.

Our concept

Aiden  | SKU 1000302

AIDEN Sedan car

Aiden  | SKU 1000305

AIDEN truck

Aiden  | SKU 1000306

AIDEN Service Center

Aiden  | SKU 1000308

AIDEN Garage 3 level

Aiden  | SKU 1000310

Aiden city wooden blocks

Aiden  | SKU 1000287

Baby gym figure Aiden

Aiden  | SKU 1000303


Aiden  | SKU 1000304

AIDEN City bus

Aiden  | SKU 1000307

Aiden Garage

Aiden  | SKU 1000309

AIDEN play rug

Aiden  | SKU 1000317

Aiden play rug 90x130