The NEO collection is inspired by the Stone Age and the NEOlithic age. It takes us back to the Stone Age with flint rock, volcanoes and rocky mountains. Mammoths and other exciting creatures are also inspiration. The sooty color scale goes from black, charcoal to the lightest gray. We mix it with pure wood, white and pastels. Colourful splashes of both mustard yellow and bright pastel tones give the children's room a modern feel.

NEO is very popular. The wonderful rocking mammoth has grown and now comes in new forms such as mammoth hobby horse and a wall decoration. A mammoth looking out through the wall, and check out our new little fluffy sitting puff with ears.

Our concept

Neo  | SKU 1000088

ABC cushions green multi

Neo  | SKU 601911

Rug NEO black/white

Neo  | SKU 160185

Cushion NEO mammoth

Neo  | SKU 600686

Rug NEO black/white

Neo  | SKU 610031

Baby gym soft toy NEO

Neo  | SKU 412782

Baby gym NEO natural

Neo  | SKU 1000080

Pull along Neo family

Neo  | SKU 1000081

Push Mammoth Neo

Neo  | SKU 413778

Wooden toy NEO Mammoth


Neo  | SKU 1000140

Blocktrain natural

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